Sunday, 1 February 2015

How Charlotte McKinney Became Famous?

Charlotte McKinney became very famous based on her physical resemeblence with Kate Upton, that's the part we know. Basically, Charlotte has similar type of boobs with Kate Upton and featured at Carl's Jr's Super Bowl commercial. However, how Carl's Jr found her? So how Charlotte McKinney became famous before the Super Bowl?

Kate Upton Game of War Videos including Super Bowl

Sorry, I missed Kate Upton posts for few months but it is back again! As the Super Bowl just started, I wanted to share Kate Upton featuring on Game of War commercial! Also, other YouTube videos of Game of War with Kate Upton.

In case you don't know, Game of War is a mobile game. But I never played!

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition | Canon 50 mm f 1.8

Range Rover Holland & Holland long-wheel base edition, I spotted this brand new Range Rover at Stratstone's Mayfair, London dealer. And decided to approach from a Canon 50mm f 1.8 lens. This lens provide a unique photography option even at low-ligh conditions. And with f 1.8 aperture value, you will get lots of blur background but you need to be careful with this.

Range Rover Holland & Holland edition is the most luxurious Range Rover ever made, it is made by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations. Despite being long-wheel base, Holland & Holland edition does not look that long. Inside the Range Rover, there are lots of leathers and all optional features are standard to improve luxury experience. The boot has a special storage! The best part of the Holland & Holland is the reclining seats at the rear. These seats can recline up to 17-degree, that's a lot. Believe me and you can easily fall asleep. Actually, I really love reclining seats at the rear and it is really hard to get one! You can have it with Mercedes-Maybach, optional with Rolls Royce Phantom and standard with Range Rover Holland & Holland edition.

This comparison leads to price tag! Range Rover Holland & Holland edition is £180,000! And very expensive for an SUV, however if you are planning to buy Mercedes-Maybach or Rolls Royce, this price tag can be reasonable. However, you need to think again. If you wish to have all these luxury items without the Holland & Holland edition on a Range Rover long-wheel base, you will save around £40,000. And if you are planning to save money on a luxury car, you would probably will never buy a Range Rover.

Range Rover Holland & Holland long-wheel base edition's technical details are; it is either powered by a 4.4-lt 334 HP SDV8 diesel engine or 5-lt 503 HP supercharged petrol engine with 8-speed automatic gearbox. And keep in mind, Range Rover's are not light!